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Meet the Founder

Meet Obe Keno

Obe Keno is a Psychology Major university student who is passionate about helping high schoolers in Nigeria find purpose and fulfillment.

According to her, the biggest reason she created HSCN is to be the support system she needed when she was in High School. To be that support system for High Schoolers in Nigeria today.

Why are you in High School today?. Because everyone else you know is?. Because it’s only the natural path?. Because your parents sent you there?.

Obe Keno.

Obe Keno believes High School is a very crucial phase in life yet many Nigerian High Schoolers are naive about High School and about the real world outside high school.

She acknowledges that many high schoolers are not supported or guided towards choosing a suitable career path for themselves!.

So much of the angst, boredom, frustration and depression high schoolers experience comes because they do not have purpose. They do not really know what they are doing.

Obe Keno.

In summary , Obe Keno created HSCN, to help high schoolers—especially those in SS1-SS3—find purpose, thrive and even enjoy high school!.

A lot of things are going on in High School. There’s teenage hormones, choosing a career path, developing a personality/reputation, developing habits, making friends, making experiences that could make or mar you. I’ll be the first to tell you that High school is not all about grades. Although your grades are very important. At HSCN, we will help you find a balance in successfully navigating life in High School!.

Founder, Obe Keno.

You can contact Obe Keno on WhatsApp : 07010382095


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