About Us

HSCN is an establishment that was founded by Obe Keno to help high schoolers in Nigeria find fulfillment—because EVERY Nigerian High Schooler needs a support system.

HSCN recognizes that many high schoolers in Nigeria are confused, unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, and frankly, tired of life in High School.

HSCN’s Mission is to be the NUMBER #1 support system for High Schoolers in Nigeria by reliably guiding them towards:

~Thriving academically.

~Successfully navigating life in High school and in the real world.

~Exploring their passions/hobbies/dreams so they can pick suitable career paths for themselves.

What People Are Saying

I wish something like this existed when I was in High School.


It is so good to come across HSCN.


This is such a powerful initiative. Long live HSCN!.


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