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The One Thing I Wish I Knew Back In High School

Have you ever felt like you just cannot wait for your time in High School to be over?

My time high school was a phase of my life that has stayed with me till today and shaped who I am to a large extent.

In high school however, I was very impatient. I was not very present in day-to -day activities because I was dreaming about the future! I just couldn’t wait to finally be in the university.

I wanted to stop having to wake up at 5am every morning (as a hostel student). I wanted to stop having to wear black shoes/white socks everyday. I wanted FREEDOM!.

I remember thinking and saying a lot of times that I couldn’t wait to leave secondary school and get into the university so “my life really would start”.

Back then, I didn’t really realize the importance of the stage I was in. I was not a high school enthusiast to be honest. (I think not many people are!)

I was one of those high school haters. I can admit that I detested it sometimes.

I regret that I did not realize one HUGE thing. And that is what I want to share with you because I know a large number of students find themselves feeling like I did.

Dear Nigerian High Schooler, this moment of your life is important too!

It is so so easy to think that when you get out of this stage is when “real life” will start. Trust me, I understand that.

I’m in the university now and my life didn’t just start….. it just CONTINUED! I realized that I was waiting for the big moment when my life would begin meanwhile my life was passing by.

But the truth is real life is here, TODAY. Today is important too. Where you are right now matters very much. Everything that happens today will have an effect that you may not realize until years later!

The choices you make in high school will have very long lasting effects. Very long lasting impact on your life. And THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It is already ONGOING. It will not start when you are in the University!

Do you know high school actually passes by very fast? What is 3 years compared to your whole lifetime? It is just a phase. (A temporary yet VERY important phase)

One day, your time in high school will come to an end! That is a definite fact! There are a lot of things I regret doing and NOT doing in school because I was too focused on my next big moment.

So raise your head up high. You are a high school student. It is something to be proud of. It is a part of your life. Respect that.

Accept that you may never like or enjoy some of the parts of it like waking up early, doing some hairstyles for school, the black shoes/white socks, maybe even your school uniform or how some activities are done in your school.

But you CAN make the most of it. Do not just shut down and stop caring what happens or what does not happen in your school. Try new things: be it sports, drama, music, writing. Get involved! Get to know your teachers and your classmates!

Now trust me, I understand that it is easier said than done for some of us depending on factors like our personality, values and so on….

The MOST important thing is that you actually try! Whether you succeed in making the most of high school OR not. What matters is that you try!

When you really try, you won’t have any regrets! And that is something worth your time!

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