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“WHAT IS?” Career-Path-Finding Series: Introduction.

If you’re in high school right now, you’re probably expected to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. To naturally know the path to take!

But barely anyone goes into details when telling or asking you about these career paths. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, what do these career paths entail?

What are their advantages and disadvantages? What benefit would you get if you go in one direction instead of the other?

Which career path actually goes well with your personality, experiences, skills and abilities?

All these, are examples of what the “Career- Path-Finding” series will help clarify for you. Each part of the series will be a simple, easy-to-understand guide that tells you a lot about a specific career path!

You can also let us know what career path you’re interested in on Instagram and we will delve into it. And it doesn’t have to be traditional career paths like Doctors, Lawyers etc. You can ask us to do a guide on choosing to become a Singer, Actress, Writer, Footballer, Basketballer, and so on!

See you soon on the first episode of this series! Keep your eyes peeled for it!

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