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……we help Nigerian High Schoolers who are unsure how to navigate “The High School Years” with posts that help them do it right!.

Do you know that High School is only a few years compared to your entire lifetime?. I want you to know that High School is very temporary but it is also very important. At HSCN, we will help you find the right balance to handle your time in High School.

Obe Keno (HSCN’s Founder).

Dear Nigerian High School Student, You’re in the right place. We are a support system that will help you step onto the path of fulfillment in life.

Why is High School an unhappy or stressful place for you?. We need your help to explore the problems high schoolers in Nigeria face today, so that we can help solve them.

You can help us by answering a few questions. It is so easy and will only take you about 5 minutes to fill out the form. Just tap the button below that says “I WANT TO HELP”.

Dear NIGERIAN High School Student, become a Member of the HSCN Community by doing just one thing:

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Our Mission is to be the number 1 support system for Nigerian High Schoolers.

helping High Schools become better places

helping High Schoolers become better people

helping to create a better future for Nigeria

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