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Dear High Schooler, do you need some advice?.

I understand that you probably have some questions that you don’t know who to ask. Some problems you need solutions to. Some situations you need helpful advice with.

You can ask me your burning question. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a code name and this email I’ve provided: (it is preferable that you use your own email )

Take note of the following:

1. ONLY SUBMIT questions that are related to High School and choosing career paths (for example, questions like: “How do I use Instagram as an introvert?.” will NOT be responded to. But questions like: “How do I make friends in school as an introvert” will be responded to).

2. RESPONSE TIME may take between 3-4 days as I try to give thorough and helpful answers to questions I receive.

3. I WILL USUALLY share your question as you submitted it, together with my response, but I may decide to give you a private response depending on the question (this is why it is preferable that you use your own email so that I can reach you privately)

4. TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, choose a false name to be associated with your question.

5. THE MORE DETAILS you provide, the better I can advice you. Ensure that you include these 3 details: your age, your current class in school, and your gender.

Please follow these guidelines and you will get a response to that burning question you have. Thank you. If you want to proceed with asking a question, tap the button below that says “I WANT TO ASK A QUESTION”.

*NOTE: You can also ask your question on Instagram but ensure that you follow the guidelines above.


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